Today's morning started exactly how I like it: fully rested, with my hair in a bun and my boyfriend's t-shirt on, I danced along to the 90's songs. After a while, I had to rush into my favourite cafe to meet my favourite little human being and taste my favourite coffee once again. 
Lot's of favourites in one place. 
Together, we have this little ritual that I wanted to tell you about. Whenever we have some free time and need to do some important stuff (like write a scenario for a homemade movie or shoot some outfit pictures) we take our laptops, notebooks and ideas from home, and bring them to our most lovable table at that specific cafe. 
Why do we love that place so much? Well, first of all, the coffee they make is incredibly tasty. Secondly, the whole atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing. But still, probably the biggest reason is that huge, wooden table at the back of the cafe. Don't really know why, but that exact spot helps us to create and motivate ourselves for work. It doesn't matter if we sit there for four hours or thirty minutes, we still manage to create or plan something new. And that's exactly where you can find us. Dreaming about the future and doing everything to make it possible. 
I think it's so important to have something that inspires you. It could be anything: places, people, quotes, books, movies... Whatever makes your imagination run wild and ideas float without stopping. I'm so happy to say that I have not only a place that inspires me, but I have a person, an actual person by my side, who helps me deal with the mess that's in my head. 
So yeah, now you know where I go when I'm in a little creativity crisis. 

Would love to hear what inspires and motivates YOU. Leave your stories in the comments. x 


  1. Lovely post, that cafe sounds awesome! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. I love going to cafes and spending the whole afternoon working there! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. This is so adorable! I hope you are/stay happy x
    I think my favorite thing to do to get creative is just to cut myself off from my routine, try something new, even if it's just going out with friends, and that helps me be sane again!


  4. Great post! :) Good photos :)

  5. I actually thought you were at an apple store when I saw the photos first xD And Idk why but cafes give this amazing ambiance. Totally a work or creative zone.

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  6. great post
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC / facebook?
    let me know in the comments on my blog and I follow back!


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