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This time, I'm coming back with one of the simpliest outfits on my blog. Wanted to draw all the attention to this beautiful shirt and red lips from ZAFUL. You can never go wrong with outfit like this one. Wear it like this on casual days and spice it up with a touch of red lips for some important events and occasions.
It's not the first time for me ordering something from this site. Just as the last time, I'm left with a good review. The shipping went super smooth and fast, the quality of the product is amazing. I have already worn this shirt so many times and it still looks as new. Absolutely recommend ordering something for yourself!
Get this Long Collar Sleeve Shirt from HERE.


  1. That blouse is super cute! I love how minimal your look is. Going to check out that website right now, thanks! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. So cute! You are so pretty, this whole outfit looks gorgeous!
    x Kenzie //

  3. you look so beautiful
    Would you like to follow each other, please let me know? would you like to give me a visit on My Blog

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  4. Adorable look! It's simple but so stylish I think, monochrome with a little touch of red is such a great styling idea :) Anyway, following each other's blog is nice, I've followed your blog on bloglovin, now waiting for your turn :)



  5. I want have your hair ♥

  6. I love your shirt, and shoes too.
    You look beautiful :)

    If you want us to follow each other, let me know on my blog

  7. Omg you're so beautiful! I want to be like you *---*
    Kika's blog

  8. Wow, such gorgeous shirt. Its completely amazing and you look absolutely stunning in this outfits.

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    Evening Dresses Sydney


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