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how are you?
I am actually super excited for this post! It's a little bit different outfit from me, got to feel like Kim K for a couple of hours, haha. And also, I couldn't wait for you to hear my opinion about the shopping website.
First of all, I was kindly surprised with how fast the delivery went. That was an immediate plus for them. The other thing that is probably the most important part about shopping online is the quality of the content that companies send. I mean, if the quality isn't good or if the clothing doesn't even look good in real life, I am guaranteed that I'm not going to have any kind of contact with that company ever again. 
But did everything so fine, that I am actually considering ordering something from them again. As I've mentioned, the delivery was fast, clothes actually came in good guality and looked exactly like in pictures on their website. 
For this post, I chose to show you their beautiful peachy dress that I picked up. I've always wanted to get myself something like this, but wasn't sure if I could pull that off. But I am super happy that I did, now it's your turn to judge!


  1. You look super cute! I love this outfit, suits you so well.

  2. gorgeous!

  3. Such a beautiful dress. I really love the color.
    Hope you will have a great day.

  4. You have such a nice body figure! And yes, this is so Kim K!

    xo Marg

  5. Your jacket is so damn great! I love the whole styling, too :) Great job, hun!


  6. You have a beautiful shape, I must say. Nice dress, great style. 


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