Hi, lovelies,
I'm pretty excited for this post, just because it's something different than usual. Let's talk about wigs.
I have never in my life tried out wigs myself, I really didn't even think about them (except those silly sparkly ones, which everyone had as a child). It seems very interesting to me, how people wear different type, color and style wigs everyday. Having the option of changing your hairstyle and color without damaging your hair everyday? Hell yeah!
So this company - COCOWIG was kind enough to let me use their wigs as an example for this post.
Usually, not everyone is brave enough to wear wigs out, just because they might not look natural. That may often happen with synthetic wigs, but this website is also selling 100% human hair wigs. And you can choose from many different lenghts, colors and styles too! So if you decide to go out with a wig for a day, you won't need to worry about it looking too fake.
What I like the most about wigs, is that you can change your whole look any day, without spending tons of money. You feel like rocking a red hairstyle that day? No worries. Want your hair to be 10 inches longer than usual? Absolutely. Sounds magical, right?
I just wanted to show you a couple of wigs that I would actually love to try out myself. Not for every day, but it would be fun to spice up the look for once!

Get this Kylie Jenner wi HERE
Get this 12 inches wavy wig HERE

 What about you? Would you dare to wear a wig out? Or are you already doing that? Would love to know!


  1. Love it!

  2. I really love the last wig! I think if you want to mix up your hair style without damaging your hair, wigs are perfect. It's true that it's pretty intimidating to wear a wig outside but if they look great why not have fun?
    Wish you very Happy Holidays.

    With Love,

    Aurelie |


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