Coming back today with a little review. I recently got these makeup brushes from ZAFUL. As you can probably notice by now, it is one of my favorite sites to shop on. And this time I decided to change it up a little bit and go for something different. I have wanted to try the quality of their selling beauty products for a while now, so I decided to start with makeup brushes.
This set of makeup brushes (get it HERE) includes 10 different brushes, a beauty blender and a brush egg for cleaning your brushes. That's pretty much everything you need for applying your makeup. 
What I love the most is that all of these brushes are incredibly soft for their price. These are obviously not proffesional ones and I didn't expect them to be, but also I never thought that they would be such good quality. This packet gives you 5 bigger brushes and 5 smaller ones. The bigger ones are all for your face makeup and the smaller ones can be used for face and eyes at the same time. It depends on how you like to do your makeup. The flat stippling brush is probably my favorite. It is super easy to blend your foundation with. 
What I was scared the most about was if they were going to leave those brush strokes that are super annoying for me. What's the point of doing your foundation with a brush if you will need to finish it with a beauty blender after? But I am super happy that I don't need to do that with these. 
The only part that is letting me down is only the size of the brushes. I would love them to be a little bit longer just because I feel like that it's easier for me to work with. But all in all, I am very impressed with them.
So if you want to try them out, don't hesitate, they are doing exactly what they need to do for their price. 


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  2. The bristles for these makeup brushes look so soft! I never knew Zaful even sold makeup brushes so this is pretty cool.


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