As winter starts to really dig in with the cold weather and the darkness after 4 PM, it's really important to stay as cozy and warm as possible.
I wanted to share my favorite pieces from designer brands. I have never written about designer pieces before and thought that this would be the perfect timing. This website, StyleWe, is a place were small designer brands are selling their products on one platfrom. I think this idea is perfect for someone who doesn't want to shop from wholesale websites and want something more original. 
So I searched my way through some designer clothes and chose my favorites for staying cozy this winter. Here is what I've found.

I think that neutral knitwear is a must have for winter. They are stunning on their own and also very easy to style with some beautiful jewellery.

/Black long sweater/ Designer: Sikya
/Khaki sweater/ Designer: VC
/White sweater/ Designer: JIANSHAN

Warm coats styled with huge scarves and statement bags are the perfect way to go. 

/Khaki solid coat/ Designer: Zimo
/Gray coat/ Designer: Borme
/Red trench coat/ Designer: Yimey

These are some of my favorite examples on how to stay warm but still look good this winter. Go and show some love to these incredibly talented desginers!

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