Hello, beauties!
I remember posting these kind of flat lays on daily basis. I guess it was about three or four years ago when I posted my very first beauty flat lay. Oh man, the editing, vibe and products in particular have changed so much through time. So, digging into this old-school blog post vibe, I decided to update my kind of essentials and dedicate this post to some of my favorite bits and bops.

I'm going to start with a fashion magazine, which is L'Officiel this time. I wouldn't say that L'Officiel is my number one favorite fashion magazine, but I couldn't resist not getting one for that kind of price. So yes, I can definitely ensure that a magazine is a must for me. I don't get to flick through them every day, but there is an online form of it that helps. It's basically the best place for me to find inspiration, keep up with new trends and spend leisure time.
The lace top trend has been there for a while now, and I won't lie - I'm obsessed with it. Wearing a spaghetti strap top over a turtle neck, layering it with other tops or simply on it's own looks so effortless and sheek. I got mine from Zaful and it is also a velvety one!
Aaaand, there is a lipstick. I was never the one to wear crazy bright lip colors on my lips. I actually thought that they don't really suit me and my lip shape, but I have been more into that look recently. Not for everyday, of course, but for a date or a night going out I've been reaching for my oldie red lipstick from Avon in a color "Adoring Love"
The only two pieces of accessories I've been wearing for some time now are rings and watches. My one and only ring that I have been holding on to since I got it is from Pandora. It's a simple, delicate, silver one with the tiniest sparkles. Love that it goes with basically everything. And my watch is also a silver one, just to match things up. It's not an expensive one, I actually bought it in Scotland about half a year ago and I'm still wearing it.
That's about it for my favorite pieces at the moment, would love hear what yours are!


  1. great essentials ! i love that lipstick shade !

  2. Just discovered your log, love it!

  3. This lipstick looks so nice!
    Lucie, xx

  4. That lipstick is the perfect shade of red, love it! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. Love these essentials! The silver with the red looks stunning, too. I am with you about rings and watches, which sums up pretty much all the jewellery I wear. And finally, that lace top; so pretty!

    Eire | Wolf & Stag 


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