Only month and a half to go until summer!
There is not much time left to get ready for the summer season. Time is ticking, so if you are determined to reach some kind of body goals, change your wardrobe for next season or clear out your skin - better start now if you haven't already!

Personally for me, summer associates with clear skin and minimal makeup - especially when there is a bit of tan going on. I feel like any kind of foundation or high coverage concealer is kind of left out and pushed deep in the back of a drawer at this time of the year. Having a clear and tanned skin requires minimal effort for your face to look good. A little bit of mascara, a touch of highlighter and a lip balm is all you need to look your best in summer. But of course, achieving beautiful, non-damaged skin look is a bit challenging. Good for those who are not used to having a bad skin day, but what to do for the majority of us who are always battling against some type of spots, marks or discolorations? I recommend you reading this article - which tells you exaclty what to do and what products to use to make your skin look it's best.

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Also, to fully get ready for the summer season, you have to renew your wardrobe, am I right? Especially swimwear! StyleWe community was super helpfull to me and let me use their website and products as a base for this post. So I am using them as an example to show you what kind of affordable swimwear I have my eyes on!

I am most drawn to two-piece biki sets, because I feel like one-piece ones cover a bit too much and you get those funny tan lines after spending some time in the sun. So I chose these three different sets to show you as an example of what I wish for getting this season. A simple, solid color set and something more fun, like printed designs. If you see something that catches your eye on their website, it is the perfect timing for you to try out your luck and participate in a giveway, because StyleWe is giving away 150$ coupon to shop on their website (Giveway 150$ shopping coupon). 
If you don't find anything for yourself on StyleWe, there are some other websites that sell good guality swimsuits like See whats best for you and start your shopping spree!

Hope I've helped you a bit by sharing some useful info to get yourself excited and ready for summer! Leave some more tips and tricks in the comments below, if you have any! xx

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  1. Insfree is quite popular in Asia, I am so surprised that you like their products! Yea, the prices are reasonable for most of us, and very good for dry skin. Love them. :)

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