I am actually so freaking excited to write this post, cause this time I have something new to show you from Avon. They came up with a brand new make up line called "Mark". The face of this line is a famous lithuanian actress, TV personality Beata Tiškevič. This line carries an awesome message to every single woman out there: Avon believes in releasing the creativity and crazyness that is in every single one of us and showing it to the world. So for me, this line looks a little bit more brave and unexpected.

Firs of all, the packaging is what catches your attention straight away. It is a bit more complicated than the usual, sleek Avon packaging, but I absolutely adore it. And they did a pretty damn good job with their PR releasing this time. They sent me some of their products attached to this beautiful white frame with the advertisement pictures of their line. 
First impression of the products was actually really good. I instantly fell in love with the consistency of their "Berry Cute" lipstick. The shade itself is a bit daring for me, but that's the whole point of the line, right? Also, I knew right away that I would love the liner they came up with. I have had the same shaped eyeliner from their previous collections and it was one of the best ones I have ever tried. The tip of the liner is exactly like a marker, whitch makes it way easier to apply a thin line close to my lashes.

The only drawback for me is the mascara. But that didn't surprise me, knowing that there are probably like three mascaras in the whole world that actually look good on me and curl my lashes. I have extremely straight lashes which need a lot of work put into them to keep the curl all day. It sucks, because they are naturally long, but as I've said, there is only a couple of mascaras that are able to actually keep the curl for me all day.
So all in all, I enjoy the products a lot. I still need some more time to test everything out completely, but the first impression is positive.

This line is also ready to help one of you guys become a cover star for "Panele" magazine! If you want to see yourself on the September's issue, join the #yeschallenge and upload your own picture which would show off your "YES" moment to Instagram or Facebook, and stay tuned for the news!

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