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Today I am coming back with another summery post for you all. 
With the amount of swimwear options nowadays, it's almost impossible to not get lost while choosing the perfect swimsuit. Wanting to keep up with the trends but still remain comfortable in how you look is quite a challenge. Personally, I always choose comfort first. It doesn't matter how adorable the swimsuit looks, if it doesn't make me feel secure and covered while spending time by the sea - it's not worth it. There is nothing worse than worrying about something slipping out or being the wrong size and not being able to enjoy the quality time. Call me boring, but I always go for the safer options. 
I found some perfect examples of some bikini sets that look perfect for me. Chose all of these items from Yoins website, so if you are interested in any of the women's swimwear - click right on the pictures to find them. 

The first option is a onepiece swimsuit. I think it is the most comfortable one to go for. There should be no worries while swimming or getting more active with a onepiece on. Also, it covers way more skin and fits like a glove, and if it is too much of a coverage for you - there is always an option to go and get a backless one.
The second one is a bit more trendy and definetely cute pics worthy. The cutouts on the top and and on the sides of the bottom part are stunning. 
A simple two piece bikini set is never going out of style. The minimalist look with a knot on the front is the easiest look to go for. Also, the style of the bottoms going a bit higher on waist gives such an accurate 80's vibe.
The last set is definitely a bit more out there. The interesting shape is for sure an attention grabber. The only thing I am not sure of are the tan lines afterwards, but it's a cute one, right?

The other thing that is a must for a beach day is a cover up. I think that playsuits are the perfect decision to go for. Of course, there are tons of different styles, prints and colors of women's playsuits to choose from, but I only got four of my favorite ones to show you. A basic black one is a safe way to go - easiest to style and any kind of bikini looks good under it. Something with a deep neckline to show a pretty bikini top underneath, extremely light and flowy - to put on anything just in seconds and floral printed one to spice up the outfit a bit more.

These are the choices I would go for as a beach day outfits. Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. All of this swimwear is gorgeous! I am looking for some new bikinis so I might check out that website! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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