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These three beauty products have been my ultimate holy grail for a while now. That's why I decided to give them some love and recognition.

Clinique moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator

This gel-cream has been a true saviour for me. I have an extremely dry skin that requires a lot of hydration daily. That is why instead of a regular Clinique hydrator I decided to go for an intense one. I use it twice a day - in the mornings, before putting on makeup, and in the evenings, before going to sleep. This routine has definitely changed my skin and makeup game drastically. I wake up with fresh, hydrated and plump skin, which makes my foundation go on smoothly. So yep, if you have dry to combination skin, definitely try out this one as a moisturiser.

Kiko Milano Velvet Mat Satin lipstick

This lipstick is surely my favorite one. I got it as a gift years ago, but I've been saving it like crazy. It goes on smoothly, feels like nothing on the lips and even though the finish is mat, it doesn't dry your lips at all. The color might look a bit too dark for an everyday wear, but it goes on way lighter and more sheer than it looks in the picture. But of course, you can easily built it up to the coverage you wish for. But what I am the most sad about, is that it was a limited edition purchase, so there is no chance for me to get my hands on it again. If anyone has an idea or a way on how to still get it, PLEASE tell me!

Tanya Burr cosmetics Face Illuminator

I was dying to try out something from Tanya's makeup line for a long time, so I grabbed this illuminator in London a couple of months ago. I have been mixing a bit of it into my foundation to get a more glowing finish. The only thing that I am not that keen on is the packaging. The pump does not work properly, so I have to open it completely and then do my best to take out as much product as I need. But that probably won't stop me from purchasing a second tube.

Have you tried any of these products? If you have, please share your thoughts on what you think about them!


  1. These all sound like amazing products! I need to try them out!

  2. I love the Clinique moisture surge, it's such a life saver!

    Chloe x


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