I strongly believe that sunglasses are that one accessory that pulls the whole outfit together. This is why I choose to invest in a good pair that I am sure will last me a while. That is exactly why I decided to work with Polette on this blog post.

Quality over quantity - the one rule that I have been trying to live by recently. And having that in mind even when shopping for accessories has already paid off for me. I had a chance to choose a pair of Polette sunnies myself and I decided to go with "Beatles" style. I was specifically looking for something that I knew for sure won't go out of style any soon. Such a classic yet chick pair that is easy to style with any kind of outfit. But there is more to it than just looks - these sunnies are polarized (which is soo important for your eyes, I can't stress it enough!!) and scratch resistant. Which, I know, will make them last me longer than usual.

Also, I am definitely one of those people who are too lazy to put the sunnies back in their case after wearing them, so I got myself a new matching case just to motivate me more to take care of them. That is definitely one thing that I recommend you purchasing also!

It looks like my exact pair is sold out at the moment, so I looked for similar ones on the Polette website to show you guys: Jordan Gold and Dean.
I am more than confident to recommend you guys this website for purchasing your own pair of sunglasses, I promise, you won't be disappointed by the quality!


  1. In love with the sunnies!


  2. Thanks for sharing about Polette! I've never heard of them, but I am loving what you are sharing about them!


  3. Love the style of your sunnies!

  4. Very nice photo combo! Like your style!

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  5. I like your blog, its really dope.

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